Would you describe your accountant as modern, dynamic and expert?

How about exciting, proactive and serious about your business?

Are meetings with your accountant educational, fun and valuable?

Do you talk to your accountant about your future plans, and feel like they’re there for the journey with you?

It’s time to change!!

If you want an accountant that’s part of your team, that will contact you more than just to chase you about your tax return once a year, and is passionate, not just about their job, but your business too, then Striped Leopard hit that brief.

They say a leopard never changes its spots, but get in touch with us and we will show you what an accountant really is.

Spot the Difference

What We Do

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So from start up to exit, we are by your side, cheering with you at all of the successes. Motivating you on those days when it all just seems a bit too much and working with you to make sure that you achieve all of your goals, dreams and ambitions.

How does that sound?

If you’d like to know more then check out our FAQ’s page or simply get in touch.

We’re a friendly bunch so we welcome a chat, accountancy related or not.