How to plan to make your 2017 the best year ever

You’re probably beginning to think about winding down for Christmas, but before you do, it’s really time to think about getting plans into place for 2017.
I know, but trust me, it’s better doing it this side of Christmas!
To keep your business growing, and on track to achieve the goals you’ve set, it’s important to get yourself prepared, financially and strategically, so here’s what you can be doing now to get ahead of yourself in the New Year.
First, it’s worth doing a sense check against your business plan. Are you where you thought you’d be by now? If you need to tweak as a result of what’s happened this year, then it’s worth doing now, so that when you do this exercise this time next year, it’s an accurate reflection.
Then take some time to review your systems and processes. What’s working and what’s not? What’s taking the time? Perhaps you could be moving to cloud based software for various aspects of your business? What effect would that have on your time? It’s important to weigh up the financial output against the potential revenue the extra time could mean in terms of bringing in extra business.
As it gets a bit quieter towards Christmas, then schedule some research into what’s going on in the industry. This can be really valuable time spent just keeping ahead of rules, regulations, changes or trends, as external factors could have a huge influence on your customers and your business. You want to ensure you are still compliant, as well as reacting to any changes in the market which could potentially put you ahead of your competitors.
Then take a look at your products or services. If you have products, then it’s worth looking at which ones aren’t selling as well and which ones are performing better than you thought. You may need to liquidate stock for underperforming products, or perhaps consider a similar line to your popular product to capitalise on sales.
If you offer services, then analyse what clients are asking you for, is it what you expect? If you submit tenders or proposals, then what is your success rate? Which ones worked? What was it about them that was successful? Should you revise them? Perhaps it’s time to revisit your pricing structure? Ask your customers what they think, what they’d like to see/buy from you.
Take a look at your cash flow – are there any expenses which could be cut down? Any unnecessary outgoings? If you are overspending, then it could be time to cut back. Perhaps there are insurance policies or software costs which could be saved by switching. Change of energy supplier, life insurance provider? Every little makes a difference!
Review your marketing. What are you doing? Is the return on investment working? Perhaps if you are advertising in local magazines, now’s the time to think about Facebook ads, or other traffic drivers. The same can be done for networking. Although it can be a break to get out and meet other business owners, how much business do you actually get from each group? Is it worth it?
Plan a meeting with your accountant, or if you don’t have one, then now’s the time to find someone who can not only crunch your figures for you, but help you to plan your growth strategy. A good accountant should be part of your core team.
Finally, have a good tidy, a declutter can do wonders for your office space, and also helps to clear the mind too!
If you want any help to plan for the New Year, then now’s the time to get in touch, You can contact me here for a free initial consultation.